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Spend two whole hours with an experienced business coach to get your 3-6 month strategy locked down.

Soulful Strategy Intensive

This intensive is for you if you are R E A D Y to fly but would like a hand getting the nuts and bolts of your strategy locked down first.

Together we examine where you’re currently at, envision where you want to be (3-6 months from now) and then together we strategise like mofos on what needs to get done, and how best to get it done, in order to plug the gap between the two.

To make the most of a session like this, you’ll want at least the basics of your business in place and some sense of where you’d like your business to be in the next 6-12 months. That allows us to dive right in and begin crafting a strategy to get you there. 

What you can expect

  • Detailed pre-session questionnaire.
  • 2-hour coaching/mentoring session.


2-hour strategy intensive :: €300

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