I believe that if you cannot have empathy for someone who is wanting to buy from you, then you’re not going to reach them.”

[02:08] The distinction between transactional and relational sales. 

[3:19] On energy management: “Where are you leaking energy in places that you don’t need to be leaking it?.”

[05:04] On deepening the relationship and getting clear on whether or not you want to work with someone.

[05:17] “Do I really want to have a 6 month coaching relationship with this client?”

[07:20] On getting into the friend zone with your clients.

[13:04] On finding your own unique sales style.

[19:15] On client avatars, why they don’t work and what to do instead.

“Unless they feel seen and heard where they are right now before any transformation happens, there’s no way they’re going to buy from you.”

[25:17] “Im such a fan of getting all the experience you can to make the best possible decision about direction.” 

[27:23] On finding your unique business perspective and why this is sometimes tricky for women.


“When something makes you angry, write it down. Take note.”


[37:00] What do you stand for and what do you stand against?

[38:00] Why your introversion is a gift when it comes to sales and marketing.

[44:00] On asking for permission to sell and the impact of personal outreach.


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  • To watch Susan Cain’s TED Talk on being an introvert head here.
  • To read Quiet: The Power of Introverts head here.

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