Join an intimate group of conscious business owners on a yearlong journey to build and grow an ethical business that feeds your soul and your bank balance.


Unlike many other business masterminds you may have encountered, the Conscious Business Mastermind is focused on an ethical marketing approach. An approach that not only feels good for you to implement but treats your audience and potential clients with respect and kindness. 

 It’s no secret that we operate in a dysfunctional online marketplace.  

A place where manipulation and questionable sales tactics are the norm. 

My people don’t do well trying to implement marketing strategies designed to pressure and manipulate and your people don’t respond well to these strategies either.  

What you’ll learn on this year-long adventure is a completely different approach. One that is rooted in integrity, ease, sustainability and simplicity. 

The Conscious Business Mastermind invites you to ditch all the business and marketing “shoulds” you’ve been resisting and create a business that honours your own unique way, even if that means breaking all of the rules

Rather than focus on the latest trend or tactics, we eradicate shiny object syndrome by focusing our time and energy on timeless strategies such as service and connection.


The mainstream approach to business is to stand out in a crowded marketplace by shouting louder.

But for my clients (who are more often than not highly sensitive and introverted) this can feel impossible.

The great news is that it’s not even necessary.

In the Conscious Business Mastermind, we stand out by being of service to our audience and building genuine and meaningful connections with our audience.


You might be surprised how rare this is and therefore how impactful it is when people find it.

Squeezing our people through automated funnels, making them suffer through time-wasting webinars and pretending to offer value when we’re really just trying to make a sale have no place in the conscious business approach.

It is possible to do well in business by doing good. The conscious business approach is both nourishing (to you and your people) and effective.

I’m here to show you how. 

The purpose of this Mastermind

1. To bring together a group of peers who can collaborate and support each other through their business growth over the course of the year.

2. To walk you through the very same business foundations I teach and support my 1:1 clients with.

Over the course of the year we will explore 4 core themes: Marketing, Core Message, Business Model and Business Structure. 


You’ll learn an ethical approach to marketing that includes:

  • A more compassionate and easy to deliver approach to content marketing.
  • How to practice authentic outreach as a way to create meaningful relationships with your ideal client.  
  • A win-win approach to conducting audience research.
  • How to advertise your content to increase visibility without feeling salesy.

Core Message

You’ll craft and refine your business message as we look at: 

  • The big idea behind your business (think your TED talk topic!)
  • Your business point of view (why you do what you, do the way you do it)
  • Your business niche (the problem you solve and who you solve it for).
  • Communicating your particular methodology or framework (how you help your clients get the particular results they desire).

Business Model

You’ll get support to create a business model that:

  • Works for you and how you want to do business whilst also hitting your life and revenue goals
  • is focused on sustainability and building your business for growth.
  • Uses an ethical approach to pricing, without sacrificing your financial needs.
  • Is rooted in generosity with boundaries so that you don’t overgive or burn out.

Business Structure

Together we’ll work on your business backend so that:

  • You can create a business plan that supports your business goals for the year ahead.
  • You can implement a day-to-day business schedule that covers all your key business activities and strategies.
  • You can create systems and processes that create space for you to do the work you do best rather than get lost in busywork. 

What’s included in the Conscious Business Mastermind

  • Weekly calls (except for holidays). These will take various forms, including tutorials on business strategy, practical sessions, open Q+A sessions, Spotlight sessions (where we go deep on 1 or 2 business owner’s greatest business challenge); guest expert sessions and co-working sessions.
  • Clear actions and next steps to take between teaching sessions.
  • Group challenges to get you moving on a particular business challenge with the momentum and support of a group.
  • Free access to any live workshops I run and recordings of past ones.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can share your business progress and questions.
  • Recordings of all the calls, in case you cannot attend.
  • Discounted rate on single 1:1 sessions.
  • A comprehensive library of business templates, tools and resources.

I believe as conscious business owners we can support each other to do the good work we’re here to do and, in doing so, achieve the reach that allows us to have a meaningful impact.

Who this is for:

This Mastermind is for a particular type of business owner. I’m looking to bring together business owners who not only feel passionate about having a positive impact on the world but who feel passionate about doing business with integrity.

This Mastermind could be a fit for you if:

  • You’ve already experienced some success in your business. You’ve had paying clients and you know that your business is viable but you want to go to the next level (hello consistent income!) and want the support and guidance of a business coach and some savvy business peers to get you there.
  • You’re an action taker, you’re not afraid of commitment and showing up consistently in your business. You already put the hours in but know that there is a better, more conscious way to get the results you desire. There are gaps in your knowledge and you’re looking to fill them. 
  • You work on your business full-time or if part-time, you’re still able to commit significant time to carrying out business related activities. This Mastermind will be focused on action and if you don’t have the adequate space to take regular and consistent action, this probably won’t be a fit for you.
  • You’re in business for the love of what you do – it’s not a job or career to you, it’s your calling, your purpose. What you would want to do every day, even if no one were paying you.
  • As well as passion for your work, you have a deep desire to become more masterful at business. You want to be a better business owner and feel ready and willing to roll your sleeves up and do what’s necessary to make this thing work.
  • You’re committed to letting go of what you’ve already been taught about business and feel ready to adopt a more conscious, service-driven and integrity led approach.
  • You are an online, service-led business owner such as a coach, teacher, healer, mentor, facilitator or guide.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You are a complete beginner at business. You are just starting out and haven’t yet had any paying clients.
  • You’re in need of a lot of mindset support. Whilst there is, of course, some mindset support on offer, this mastermind is primarily strategic, you’ll need to feel somewhat ready to implement the teachings to make the most of this program.
  • You are resistant to using technology. I understand that some people find tech a challenge but it’s a must that you have an open mind about implementing tools that can support your business growth.
  • You struggle significantly with follow through. Meaning, even with the right support, strategies and advice to hand, you struggle to take action.
  • You have no idea about your business niche and keep chopping and changing what you want to offer and to who. To benefit from this program you must have some idea of who you help and what you help them with, even if your niche needs some work. 

I’ve just spent this past year in Caroline’s Conscious Business Mastermind. It’s been great to be spending almost every week together with the same group of committed solo-entrepreneurs. To have the opportunity to look at things from a different angle because you get feedback from entrepreneurs with a slightly different background, has been really helpful. And also to support each other through this challenging year.

To join a yearlong mastermind programme really has the benefit of getting yearlong support and seeing yourself and others really grow and change through that time.

Getting Caroline’s coaching through her feedback and advice during our mastermind sessions has been amazing. She is very straight forward and comes with super valuable advice. If you know her newsletters and think they are good and you want that ongoing feedback, you should definitely join. In case you are not subscribed yet, do that now – they are one of the few newsletters I am still subscribed to and actually find the time for weekly to read and integrate.

We had monthly classes which were so practical and useful. There was an abundance of knowledge in the form of a lengthy documents and various easy to use spreadsheets. I am good at structuring but her content planner has been the best I ever used.

And on top of that, she does business the conscious way. So there is a focus on strategy but in a softer more aligned way for those of us who love doing business consciously.

Sophie Dierickx


The Investment:

The biggest investment you’ll make to this Mastermind is your precious time and energy. This group is for business owners who are serious about their business and committed to their business growth and it will require you to show up and do the work.

The cost for participation is €135 a month for 12 months (total €1620). You can either pay monthly or pay €1485 up front.

By joining the mastermind you are committing to stay in the program for the full year.


I have to say that the value I got from the Mastermind was enormous. In fact, I think I still have to implement some of the things I learnt. Both the classes and the other women’s minds are worth gold, and I will miss the human element greatly.

María Ortega García

Embodied Spanish Coach, mariaortegagarcia.com

Next Steps:

Spots on next year’s mastermind will be filled on an application only basis, if you are interested in applying, please click the button below to complete the application form.

Once your application form has been received, I will be in touch to set up a call.