How to Run Loving Launches


Do you know you need to get better at launching your new products and services but the thought of running a launch makes you want to retreat under the duvet?

What if I told you that your launches could feel good for you and your audience? 


Introducing the Loving Launches Workshop Series

In this workshop series I share with you my full approach to running loving launches.

Launches that take you from:

  • feeling exhausting to supported.
  • feeling lonely to collaborative.
  • being in a self-serving mode to serving others.
  • self-promotion to providing value.
  • feeling invasive to seeking permission.

This is a training of FOUR parts.

Two x 90 minute teaching sessions, one x 60 minute Q+A session PLUS a bonus write your sales page class with the incredible ethical copywriter, Lauren Van Mullem

The sessions take place on Friday 21st July, Friday 28th July and Wednesday 2nd August at 5pm CEST and the bonus class is on Thursday 10th August at 6pm CEST.

Over the course of sessions 1 and 2, we’ll cover the following:

  • How to reframe your launches from painful to joyful, more collaborative than solo.
  • How to be strategic in your launch rather than throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping for the best.
  • 9 key launch actions to take to make your launch run as smoothly as possible.
  • A 6-step strategy for launching, that you can use for every launch big or small.
  • Different types of launch content you can use in your loving launches.
  • You’ll also get access to several templates and planning tools to plan out your next and future launches.
  • What to do outside of your launches to make your launch feel more ethical.

Session 3 will be an open Q+A session to bring any questions you have about the content we’ve already covered.

Session 4 will be a bonus class with ethical copywriter Lauren Van Mullem on how to write your sales page. Because you can’t have a launch without a sales page!

Before Caroline’s Loving Launches workshop I hadn’t really launched my offers properly, mainly because I didn’t realise the importance of it.  It was a case of I didn’t know what I didn’t know – I thought an email or two to my list would do the trick; how little I knew!   
Caroline’s approach gave me a wealth of ideas on what to include in a launch, who to partner with to widen the audience and an easy to follow process suggesting what to send when.  Without a doubt this workshop meant I successfully launched my first group coaching programme to a small list and with ease!  
Victoria Howard

Coach, Victoria Howard Coaching

What you’ll receive 

  • Access to all 4 sessions, July 21st, July 28th. August 2nd and August 10th, plus recordings of all sessions in case you can’t attend live. 
  • A copy of the slides used in the workshop for each session. 
  • A google drive folder that contains more information than we cover on the live call, including launch planning templates.

You’ll leave this workshop with…

A thorough understanding of my approach to running loving launches. 

Not only that but you’ll leave with new-found confidence in your ability to launch your next product and service without feeling like you are bothering people or being salesy and spammy. 

Who this is for

This training might be a good fit for you if one or more of the following apply:


  • You’re a coach, healer, therapist or other conscious changemaker who works online. 
  • You have an audience. It doesn’t have to be huge but you do need people to sell to. 
  • A product or service to launch or one in mind that you are thinking of creating.
  • You would love a more authentic way to launch your offerings to your ideal clients. 

Register for this workshop 

The cost of this entire workshop series is 50 euros.

To register your spot, simply hit the button below to make your payment. This registers you for all 4 sessions and gives you access to the recordings and resources shared on the live sessions.