Want to learn a content creation strategy that adds value instead of adding to the noise?

You’ve probably heard (a million times) that creating consistent content is crucial for the success of your online business. You know in your bones that if you could just get the content out of your head and in front of the right people, your business would grow. 

Despite knowing this, you struggle when it comes to content marketing. 

You find it hard to know what to write or talk about in your content, you may even feel like everything has already been said before.

With so much noise online, it can feel daunting and at times pointless trying to add your voice to the mix. 

You hate trying to sell with your content and fear bothering your people with even more emails, articles and social media posts.  

With feelings like these it’s no wonder that cultivating a consistent content habit begins to feel like an uphill struggle.  

Introducing the Kinder Content Marketing Training

If you promised yourself at the end of last year that this would be the year that you would get consistent with content in your business and still haven’t managed to achieve it, then the Kinder Content Marketing Workshop could be for you. 

In this training, I teach my 3-step process for effective and kinder content marketing.

Venn diagram with 3 circles: Create, Repurpose and PromoteWhy “kinder” you ask? Well because like much of the marketing we see online these days, the vast majority of content being published is designed to sell in ways that manipulate and play on our fears and insecurities in order to do so.


As a business coach to conscious changemakers, I teach an alternative approach to content marketing. “Kind” Content Marketing puts service at the heart of everything we share and is rooted in a ‘people before profit’ approach.

Given that so much of the noise online is at best fluff and at worst steeped in manipulative sales tactics, there is a space for conscious business owners to share content that has a true impact. Content that serves the world and adds value to the very people whose lives we’re hoping to help transform.

As a conscious business owner, I have no doubt that the work you do in this world is about positive impact and lasting change. It’s about leaving your clients and customers better off than they were before they met you. 

Valuable content that shares your point of view, methodology, strategic guidance and uplifting stories can absolutely have a positive impact and in turn lead to a number of business benefits:

  • More visibility.
  • Audience growth.
  • Deepened relationships with the very people you want to serve.
  • The cultivation of trust between you and your audience.
  • All of which ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

The Approach:

For your content to truly work for your readers, viewers and listeners and your business, it’s not enough to just create content when you feel inspired to share something. If you’ve already tried this, you’ll know what a royal waste of time it is. 

The strategy you’ll learn in this training covers the what, how, when, where and why of your content creation so as to get the most from your content efforts by getting the most eyes on it possible, through repurposing and promoting it. 

In this training you will learn:  

  • How to create a consistent content creation habit without feeling like you are creating content ALL of the time.
  • How to write content that truly serves your audience as well as demonstrates your expertise. 
  • How to tailor your content for people at different levels of the customer journey (i.e. people who have just met you as well as people who have been in your audience without buying for some time). 
  • The where, what, who and how of content creation. 
  • How to repurpose your content for maximum impact.  
  • How to promote your content so that people actually see it.
  • How to encourage and interact with the people who engage with your content.
  • How to sell in your content without feeling salesy or pushy.   
  • A gentle introduction to using Facebook advertising in a more conscious and affordable way to get your content seen and generate more sales. 

What you’ll receive 

  • 4.5 hours of video and audio recordings (plus chat logs) of the live workshops (which took place in May 2021)
  • A copy of the slides used in the workshop for each session. 
  • A detailed Resource Guide that shares more information than we covered in the live calls, including links to useful further reading, templates and other resources.
  • A bonus 45 minute video tutorial that shares my personal repurposing content strategy.
  • My detailed content plan + schedule spreadsheet template for you to start creating your own content plan. 
  • Links to the emails from my 14-day Content Challenge. 

Get this training 

The cost of this training is 60 euros.

To get immediate access to all of the above, simply hit the button below to make your payment and shortly after you’ll receive an email with access details to all of the recordings and resources.

If you don’t get that email right away, do check your spam or junk folder before reaching out to admin@carolineleon.com.