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The Authentic Business Community is a network of conscious business owners and supporters, committed to having a positive impact by supporting each others growth and reach.

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I believe as conscious business owners we can support each other to do the good work we’re here to do and, in doing so, achieve the reach that allows us to have a meaningful impact.

In The Authentic Business Community, we’re guided by these three simple principles:

1. Aim to do marketing honestly and with love.

You value your long-term reputation and the trust of your audience, and will not sacrifice those for short-term profits.

2. Fulfill all promises made to customers.

It’s easy to hype things up to make sales, but you believe in giving realistic offerings that you are confident in delivering.

3. Prioritize self-care and connection with your Source.

A business can only be truly authentic if built from an energetic space of security and well-being. You prioritize your self-care and spiritual practices (if any) above work.

Are you committed to practicing these principles?

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