Create More Clients With Gift Sessions


Have you tried using discovery calls to sign more clients but either nobody ever books one or when they do it’s awkward and cringey for all involved?


I made a decision over a decade ago that I wasn’t going to use short salesy discovery calls as a way to enroll new coaching clients. I had no idea at the time how impactful that decision was going to be. 

As a firm believer in slowing down the sale and building relationships rooted in trust, I believe that the mainstream approach of offering short discovery calls to enroll coaching clients falls short when it comes to providing enough time and space to establish trust and ascertain fit.

Not only that but the pressure on coaches and practitioners to make the sale in a short period of time can feel uncomfortable and forced for both the business owner and the prospective client. 

As an alternative to discovery calls, I teach my clients to offer powerful pitch-free gift sessions as a way to attract and develop relationships with right-fit clients, demonstrate your expertise (instead of selling), build trust and reduce risk for prospective clients and provide a container to truly discover whether working together is a fit for both client and coach. 

Over the past decade, having delivered hundreds of gift sessions, myself and my clients have discovered a whole host of additional business benefits that come from offering gift sessions and in this training, I share all of them with you.

Introducing the Create More Clients With Gift Sessions Training

Pulling together everything I’ve learned over the past decade from delivering hundreds of gift sessions and teaching countless business owners my approach, this workshop series includes both teaching and practical elements.

This is a training of three parts.

Two 90 minute sessions plus a 3rd 60 minute recording of a Q+A session. 

In session one I walk you through the following: 

  • Making a shift from selling to serving.
  • The business benefits of offering gift sessions.
  • How to use gift sessions at each stage of your business journey. 
  • Four ways to offer gift sessions.
  • How to craft the gift session offer.
  • How to make your gift session impactful and more likely to convert into sales.
  • Tracking the effectiveness of your gift session strategy.  
  • Common mistakes to avoid. 

In session two we go over the following:

  • How to craft your gift session invitation.
  • Where and with who to share your gift session invitations.
  • How these fit into your wider strategy.
  • Tracking your efforts.

In session 3 we tackle all of the outstanding questions and concerns live participants had. 

People think some of the things I do in my business are nuts, like offering free marketing calls (aka gift sessions) But for me, they have been one of the most life-affirming and powerful business methods I’ve learned from Caroline.

Yes. I give my time away for free but what I get back is a thousand times more valuable; confidence that I know my stuff and can help people, fresh content ideas, market research, amazing conversations with people around the world, and tons of referrals.

The majority of my clients have come from gift sessions, and it’s now something I teach my clients. It’s a beautiful way to build your business
Rachael Cumberland-Dodd

Niche Whisperer + Messaging Guide, Feed Marketing

What you’ll receive 

  • 4 hours of video and audio recordings (plus chat logs) of the live workshops which took place in May 2023).  
  • A copy of the slides used in the workshop for each session. 
  • A google drive folder that contains more information than we cover on the live call, including links to useful further reading, a tracking template so you can easily see how your gift session strategy is working, sample wording for emails and invitations, templates and other resources.

I’ve been following Caroline’s guidance about gift sessions for over a year now, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old way of doing things with discovery calls. It’s a fantastic way to grow my email list, the people who receive them find them incredibly valuable, and I absolutely love doing them. It’s such an authentic way to build long-term relationships and demonstrate my skills as a coach.

Stephanie Wasylyk

Business Coach, stephaniewasylyk.com

You’ll leave this training with…

A thorough understanding of my approach to using gift sessions to create more clients and grow your business. 

Not only that but you’ll leave with new-found confidence in your ability to connect with more of your ideal clients on the regular as well as how to ethically and authentically sign them up as clients. 

The beauty of this approach is that it eliminates the need for you to sell yourself or your services. Gift sessions give you a way to demonstrate your expertise to people you’d love to work with all while being in your zone of genius. 

Who this is for

This training might be a good fit for you if one or more of the following apply:

  • You’re a coach, healer, therapist or offer other 1:1 services and have found the experience of doing discovery calls less than satisfactory. 
  • You would love a method of enrolling clients without the need to be pushy or salesy. 
  • You’ve tried doing gift sessions and enjoy doing them but don’t seem to get any business growth results from doing them.
  • You would love a more authentic way to attract and meet your ideal clients. 

Learning how to create clients using Caroline’s gift coaching session approach changed my experience about what was possible for me as a coach. I now have a way to be bold and confident about my offering, and share, from a values-aligned space gift coaching sessions that allow my ideal clients to engage freely. Women who receive these sessions are often overwhelmed by the generosity, appreciate the non-spammy feel, and feel much more open to build an ongoing relationship with me. It’s now my #1 go-to tool in my toolkit of client creation and it’s resulted in several new clients.

Susan Doerksen Castro

Integral Master Coach, womenredefiningsuccess.com

Who this is not for

Occasionally I work with people who don’t want to give their services away for free and I have a hard time convincing them of the benefits of doing so. If you suspect that you will feel resentful, skeptical or too attached to the outcome of your gift sessions then this workshop might not be a fit for you. 

Even though the goal of this workshop is to provide you with an approach to help you to grow your business and client base, if you give sessions with an expectation that they immediately convert into clients, they rarely, if ever, work. 

You must feel able to give freely, without attachment or expectation. A tall order I know but one to really consider before signing up to this approach. 

This approach is also unlikely to work if you don’t typically enroll clients within a conversation or if all you do is offer one-off single sessions and not on-going programs or packages. 

Get this training 

The cost of this training is 60 euros.

To get immediate access to all of the above, simply hit the button below to make your payment and shortly after you’ll receive an email with access details to all of the recordings and resources.

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