Ethical Marketing Resources

For Embodiment Conference Participants

How To Express What You Do To Potential Clients

For practitioners who struggle to articulate the service they offer to potential clients, this session covers a number or practical and ethical ways to share the impact of what you do when words alone don’t do it justice.

During this session we also look at common mistakes business owners make when trying to market their coaching, healing and/or embodiment work and what to do instead to get more clients and more referrals to your business. See below for a downloadable PDF of the slides plus additional resources to support the session contents. 

Authentic Outreach – A Way To Create Clients With Integrity

In this 50 minute presentation (recorded at the one-day Ethical Marketing event on July 4th), I run through what authentic outreach is, why it’s important for your business and how to use it to create more clients with integrity.


In this class we look at an ethical approach to business growth and outline several practical strategies to do outreach in such a way to deepen your business relationships, build trust and as a result get more sales and engagement for the work you do. Below you’ll find a downloadable PDF of the workshop slides, recording of the live session and additional resources mentioned in the session.