“Strong people have a strong sense of self-worth and self-awareness; they don’t need the approval of others.”
~ Roy T. Bennett

I know that a lot of people feel that the whole mass sales affair is pretty gross and simply feeds consumerism on a grand scale but I actually have a different view.

As a family of four, with two growing children, we often bookmark any big purchases we need to make online and wait to see if any of them go down in price during the sales. I must admit, this is my partner’s influence as I have zero patience and would probably pay more than something is worth just to get it sooner. However, each year, thanks to his thoughtful planning, we save some of our hard-earned cash.

It would, therefore, be safe to say that I don’t see sales as a bad thing and I also don’t see them as devaluing the worth of what’s on offer. If I think of one of my favourite brands, Apple, I absolutely would not see anything I might buy from them as having any less value simply because it was discounted in the sales. I would, instead, be delighted (their products are pretty expensive!)

Yet, I hear many small online business owners arguing the case that offering sales and discounts (or heaven forbid freebies) is a sign that you don’t value your own worth or that of your products and services.

There are two points I want to make to this.

First of all your value, as a human being, is not determined by your business, your products or your services, nor is it determined by the price you attach to them. You are inherently valuable as a precious expression of life on this planet we call earth.

Secondly, offering discounts and sales on your products and services does not and cannot devalue their worth. How can it? What you offer is either valuable to the person receiving it or it’s not. To person A your product or service might be insanely valuable and to person B it might have no value whatsoever.

I also hear this argument made about offering taster or complimentary sessions, in that when you give something away for free, people will undoubtedly see it as less valuable than if you charge for it. I also call bullsh*t here too. Personally I’ve had people pay me thousands of dollars for a coaching program that they haven’t made the most of and arguably failed to get their money’s worth, while I’ve had others who have squeezed every last drop of value out of a complimentary session or two that they didn’t pay a dime for.

Highly successful, Authentic Business Coach, George Kao runs a new online course every single month and before he puts the sales page up on his site, he offers the course at a discounted rate. I nearly always buy his courses using the pre-sales page rate and I’m deeply grateful for it.

Marketing legend, Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies runs a birthday sale every year where he offers a whopping discount across all of his digital products. During these sales, I nearly always buy one of his amazing, high value eBooks and learn a ton of new strategies and business ideas as a result.

Kelly Rae Roberts, a hugely successful artist and online entrepreneur, runs sales on the regular and I’ve bought (and completed!) all of her online art courses by taking advantage of the reduced price on offer during these times. You can see one of my pieces from her Angel Wings class below 🙂 I don’t believe I got any less pleasure or value from this class than someone who paid full price for it.

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