Want to get more consistent with your content creation? Then join us this March for a free 14-day Content Creation Challenge!


The 14 Days of Content Challenge starts on Monday 15th March and runs for two weeks. 

The challenge is simple:

To create and publish 14 pieces of content over 14 days. 

The benefits for doing this challenge are plentiful:

  • You’ll develop a content creation habit by getting into a rhythm of creating content every day.
  • You’ll get the accountability that comes from sharing your goal with a group of like-minded business owners working on the exact same thing.
  • You’ll get the benefit of my decades of experience working on content in a wide range of contexts.
  • And in doing so, you’ll reap the many benefits of creating impactful content for your audience.


What you can expect


Every day for 14 days you’ll receive an email from me containing a reminder to get your piece of content written, a suggested theme to help get your creative juices flowing and a top tip, tool or strategy to support you to leave the challenge clear about how to use content creation as a tool to grow your business more strategically and at the same time with integrity.

We’ll be covering the different types of content you need to create to better serve and connect with your audience as well as topics like content planning, strategy, repurposing and advertising. 

Over the course of the challenge we’ll hang out together in my community over on Facebook – The Conscious Business Collective – as we share our content creations with each other and give and receive encouragement, support and inspiration. 

To be sure that you get all of the emails and prompts be sure to sign up to receive them below.

I hope you join us.