The Client Creation Checklist


Given that getting more clients is the number one thing my clients ask for support with, I decided to pull together in one place a checklist containing all of the business elements needed in order to create a repeatable and sustainable flow of new clients.

Whilst these may also be applicable in other contexts, my approach focuses specifically on online, service based business owners such as coaches, healers or teachers where clients are often (although not always) created inside a conversation rather than by pushing a buy now button.

This approach focuses on the idea of creating clients through a combination of being of service and relationship building rather than trying to attract clients by presenting a perfectly polished image and then squeezing would-be clients through an automated sales funnel.

This might be for you if…

  • You’re a coach, teacher, therapist, healer or other purpose driven, business owner who offers 1:1 and/or group services to your clients.
  • You’re struggling to get a consistent and reliable flow of new clients into your business.
  • You feel uncomfortable with the mainstream approach to sales and marketing.
  • You’d like to understand how all the pieces fit together when it comes to effective client creation.

You’ll leave this training with…

You’ll leave this workshop with a clearer sense of the big picture when it comes to client creation and an understanding of where you might need to focus your efforts for greater success plus the following:

  • A recording of the workshop.
  • A copy of the slides.
  • A spreadsheet containing the actual checklist.
  • A set of questions to ask yourself to assess where you are on the client creation journey.
  • Additional reading and resources, plus a set of actionable steps to take.

Get this training 

The cost of this training is 30 euros.

To get immediate access to all of the above, simply hit the button below to make your payment and shortly after you’ll receive an email with access details to all of the recordings and resources.

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