Workshop Series

Feeling lit up as a Coach but lost as a Business Owner?


Being a coach and being a successful business owner are not one and the same. In fact these two roles require completely different skillsets. Most coaches worth their weight invest a ton of time, energy and money into developing their coaching skills; they study coaching, read about coaching and practice coaching.

What the vast majority of coaches don’t do is invest the same amount of time and energy into becoming skilled as a business owner.

The bad news is that unless you can love the business side of what you do as much as you love the coaching side, you are going to struggle to make a decent living as a coach. This is why we see so many good coaches barely making a dime.

We are two coaches who decided to answer a calling to support other coaches to fall in love with business and finally achieve the success that they’ve been yearning for.

We created The Business of Coaching to take the guesswork out of what you need to do to build and grow a successful coaching business. 

So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels and feeling overwhelmed and unproductive, this three-part workshop is for you. 

Helen is an action-oriented life coach who works with thoughtful folks going after Big, “Impossible” Things in their personal and professional lives.

Who we are

We are Helen and Caroline. We are full-time coaches, in love with our businesses and passionate about helping others to find success.

We’ve stood where you stand now. We’ve battled with self-doubt, overwhelm and analysis paralysis and we’ve lived to tell the tale.

Both of us come to The Business Of Coaching having started our own coaching businesses from the ground up

Caroline is a conscious business coach who specializes in helping driven and ambitious female entrepreneurs to change the world.

We’ve been where you are, we know your pain and we know that there is a better way.

We take our combined years of experience, trial and error, mistakes and successes and we share everything we know about building a coaching business with you.

We’re here to help you navigate the murky waters of business building and arrive at your destination with clarity and competency.

We’ve found a strategy that not only works but that feels good to execute. It does away with the treadmill of trying to beat social media algorithms and it frees you from needing to create the perfect website (does such a thing even exist?).

The Struggle is Real

 It can feel soul-destroying to have finally figured out your calling and then done whatever it takes to become a coach only to feel like your efforts were for nothing because try as you may, you’re not getting the clients you would need to make this business financially sustainable.

In an attempt to demystify the business of business, you spend countless hours on the Internet, soaking up everything you can about how to succeed as a coach. You sign up for opt-ins and webinars, you take course after course and the thing is, there’s different advice at every turn. It’s all about your lead magnet and the size of your list say some, others will tell you that Facebook Live is where it’s at, having a beautiful and cohesive Instagram feed is the way says another.

There is so much advice online these days about how to build and grow your business that it’s no wonder that you feel completely overwhelmed and left with no idea of which way to turn.  Without a clear strategy for success (and one that feels good to your soul), you end up feeling like your wheels are spinning in mud. Sure you’re doing stuff, but you’re not getting anywhere to show for it.

You resort to killing hours on your website, tweaking fonts and reworking your ‘About’ page again to make it seem like you know what you’re doing. 

You while away whole afternoons creating Pin-able graphics for the two of three blog posts you’ve managed to write (blog posts that took FOREVER to scheme up…and aren’t even all that indicative of the kind of coaching work you want you do). And you wait and wait…and wait for someone to click and book that dang discovery call, half hoping that nobody does because you have no idea what you would say or how the whole thing should go or when (HOW?!) you’re supposed to talk about money and what you should be charging anyway!

Sound painfully familiar? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Introducing The Business of Coaching

In October 2018, we ran a live, online workshop series called The Business of Coaching. You can get access to the entire series today. Over the course of three workshops (5 hours) we take you through the nuts and bolts of what it takes to build and grow a successful coaching business. Combined with this you’ll get access to a detailed resource document that captures everything we share in the workshop so that you can refer back to it anytime you like.

The Business of Coaching walks you through the very strategy we use to build and grow our coaching businesses every day. It’s a strategy based on a foundation of service and connection rather than persuasion and hustle.

It’s a strategy that is rooted in integrity, that’s sustainable to implement and one that does away with the icky sales strategies so often touted online.

Only 70€ 

Our Vision for You

You have absolute clarity on what actions you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to build and grow your coaching business.  Overwhelm is a thing of the past.

Your calendar is pretty darn well full of coaching calls (and not just any coaching calls—coaching calls with clients you can’t wait to talk to).

You’ve put in place specific business foundations that allow you to show up powerfully as a professional coach.

You no longer feel lost in a marketing abyss, and instead you have a clear and specific strategy to create new coaching clients. Gone are the days of talking to crickets online.

You now enjoy the business side of coaching. You feel empowered as a business owner and finally feel like a professional to be trusted.

Your bank account finally reflects the amount of work you’ve put into this thing.

How did you get here? You learned about the business side of coaching—all the hard-won tips, tricks, best practices, and know-how that most seasoned coaches wish they knew at the beginning of their journey—and you learned how to apply it to your business.

The Nuts and Bolts

With The Business of Coaching, you will learn:

  • Which specific actions you need to take on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get a steady flow of coaching clients enrolled in your packages and programs.
  • Which business tasks you’ve been wasting your time with and can let go of with confidence.
  • What the foundations of a successful business are and how to put them into place.
  • How to shift your mindset from “selling” to “serving” allowing you to enjoy your business more and create even greater impact for your clients.
  • How to have enrolment conversations that don’t require you to hard sell and that leave your clients wanting more from you.
  • How to show up powerfully in your business in a way that sees you stand out from other coaches.
  • How to astonish your clients so much so that they tell everyone they know about you.
  • How to achieve more in your business by doing less.

    • The low-down on coaching niches—and whether or not committing to one is necessary for your business’s success.
    • Sustainable and effective systems and processes, templates and tools, for everything from growing your audience and generating new leads to gathering testimonials and scheduling. 
    • How to set up powerful agreements with your clients so that they get the most out of your coaching program.
    • The system for identifying your ideal client, even if you’ve never coached anyone outside of your coaching program (and what to do if you find yourself working with a less-than-ideal client).
    • Best practices when it comes to websites, business cards, and all manner of marketing. 
    • A strategy for when and how to have the money conversation, recommendations for what to charge for your services, and why you should challenge the ‘yes’.
    • Mindset support on self-doubt, readiness, money, and overwhelm.

Along with a dynamic and extensive resource document for you to refer back to whenever you wish, all of this is covered in four-and-a-half hours of video training (split into three 90-minute workshops, all of which will be available as both video and audio recordings after the live calls).

After facing a lot of confusion around how to move forward in my coaching business, working with Caroline was like a breath of fresh air. In our time together we accomplished a huge amount, thanks to Caroline’s highly intuitive, compassionate and strategic approach. Afterwards I felt like a new person, with a clear road ahead and so much excitement to move forward in my business. 

Fla Flower

Visionary coach and mentor for entrepreneurs

What was most valuable during our work together was Helen’s curious questioning and intuitive insight. Her questions weren’t intrusive but she didn’t back down either even when we were going to tender, vulnerable places.  From my answers, Helen was able to remind me about myself and what I valued, and that helped me get unstuck and back on track. Following our session, a tangible shift was that I increased my coaching rates in July (about a month and a half after we had spoken). In July, I had also received my most number of coaching clients (despite the increased rates). Our conversation also made me remember the creative ideas I had come up with at the beginning of the year and helped me to take steps to make them real.

Aurora Suarez

Life and Career Coach

Working with Caroline was some of the most well-spent money I’ve ever seen. It’s been months since we stopped working together but I am constantly going back to my notes for inspiration and reference. If I have a coaching business today, Caroline is the one to blame.

Dan Treziub

Financial Literacy Coach

The Investment

 When you sign up, you get:

  • ​​​5 hours of inspiring & practical training videos: You’ll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you’d like.
  • The complete audio versions of these trainings, in case you’d like to listen on the go and review the strategies.
  • Comprehensive 60-page Guide Book for step-by-step implementation.

Only 70€

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already getting some clients and have been in business a while, will this workshop be able to help me?

Yes, what we teach on this workshop is applicable both to absolute newbies who have never made a sale right up to coaches who have enrolled a few clients but who need to get much more consistent results to make their business viable.

I’m not currently working full-time on my business as I need to keep a job to pay my rent and bills, will I have time to implement what you teach on this workshop?

Absolutely. Whilst it may take you longer to get the results someone who is working on their business full time could, what you’ll get from this class are clear and actionable steps you can take on your business whenever you have space to work on it. The key here is that what you learn will make overwhelm a thing of the past so that whatever time you do spend on your business is focused and productive. No more falling down the Internet rabbit hole for you my dear!

Will I still be able to get results if I hate sales and marketing?

YES! This workshop series presents a way of growing your business that is different to what you might have heard before. It focuses on creating clients rather than attracting them and reframes marketing as connection.

What makes the contents of this workshop different to the free advice I could get online on how to grow my coaching business?

We believe that our approach is one that bucks many of the trends prevalent in business advice for solopreneurs these days. The content of our workshop caters specifically for the business owner who cares about their audience and clients and who wants to come from a place of service. We teach ways to run your business rooted in integrity and give you plenty of alternatives to the pushy and manipulative sales tactics so commonly used these days. As well as that we bring the whole picture of what it takes to build your business to the table in one easily digestible and interactive format. 

If I decide to buy, what happens next?

When you hit the Pay Now button, you’ll be directed to a payment page where you’ll input your personal and credit card information or pay with your Paypal balance. Once you submit that information and your payment clears, you’ll receive an automated email with immediate access to all of the training materials.

As a new coach and business owner, I was struggling with creating systems and a structure for my business that help support and propel the action. What I love about working with Helen is that she has a way of pushing me to my edge without pushing me too far. It’s a delicate balance and Helen does it beautifully. One of the most transformative parts of our work together was learning to embody the idea of doing something before I feel ready. I’m much more comfortable now with feeling “not ready” and taking action anyway. Helen helped me change my mindset at a core level. And I now I don’t see it as an excuse to not move forward but instead as an opportunity. Oh hell yes, you should work with Helen! She is an incredibly supportive coach who will get you moving toward your goals and feeling awesome about it.

Dara Paoletti


Working with Caroline was the best decision I made on my journey to becoming a professional coach – her guidance combined mindset work with strategy and implementation, making giant leaps forward an inevitability. I felt incredibly supported by someone who had been there and done what I was trying to do, someone who could foresee the places I might stumble, and who could generously and with great care, map out the terrain and be my right-hand-man along the path. I cannot recommend her enough as a business coach with matching soul and smarts!

Stephanie Lisa Kelly

Writer and Mentor

When I began working with Helen I was struggling with the overwhelming task of starting my business. I wanted help in adjusting my mindset and tackling steps one by one. I also really wanted to get out of my own way and take action. Helen helped me to see things differently and more authentically. During our time together: I realized that I did not want to pursue a brick and mortar studio, but an online based business, I quit my job and acknowledged it’s time to focus on my business full-time, and I was able to start finding my voice online. I would highly recommend working with Helen to everyone! She has such a special way of being so real, genuine, kind, encouraging, and intentional that no matter what someone wants to accomplish, I am confident that working with Helen would help them.

Afroditi Petroutsos

Life Coach