I believe that fostering authentic, human connections with like-minded people is the fastest, easiest and most heart-centred way for you to build your business.”

[09:44] Shifting the focus away from the numbers and more on the relationship side of things: “I personally don’t think it’s healthy to get fixated on the numbers.”

[10:18] “What is coming through very strongly in the online marketing world at the moment is that relationship-based marketing and anything that is human focused, people focused is where people have the edge these days.”

[12:50] The importance of intention. 

[14:50] What we mean by connection: “I basically just want to have lovely conversations with amazing people where I share what I know.”

“The relationships that I help people to develop are mutually beneficial relationships with kindred spirits.”

[19:00] Advice for introverts: “Don’t think about connecting with lots of people and think about having deep, quality connections with a few people…you just connect with one person at a time and it feels good.”

[22:00] The practicalities of connecting with people: “I think the most important thing people can start doing is tuning in to that little ping you get in your brain when you see someone who you feel like: I really want to get to know this person.”

“It’s not about connecting with as many people as possible, but you do have to do a little bit of detective work while you are getting that kindred spirit radar honed.”

[27:00] What do I say when I reach out to someone I don’t know?

[30:30] Why you should send out a ton of messages.

[33:00] How to channel your inner Labrador.

[36:00] What else should I be doing on top of connecting to grow my business?

“Everything I do to market my business comes down to having a conversation with somebody. Especially if you are just starting out, it’s the only thing you need to worry about.”

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