It’s really important to come together. I think the female version of doing business is really about community and coming together and sharing resources and ideas so that we can all rise together.”

[02:03] Tactical Magic is about: “putting the magic and the heart and the humanity and the metaphysical together with the practical tools and the tech and the strategy and the tactics that will together allow us to both be ourselves and grow our businesses and do that in a really powerful way.”

[12:19] On finding your niche: “There is no way to cognitively figure out the right niche. You can’t think your way to it, clarity does not come from thinking, the only way to get clarity is to take action. And you’re going to take action on the wrong thing a number of times before you hit on the right thing.”

[12:47] On what it means when your focus pivots.

[17:17] On transitioning from a Vagabond gypsy to business owner. 

To find out more about Katherine Johnson and her work click here

[20:21] “I started to realise that I could design my life however I wanted and I am in control of changing my business so that it can fit into that life so that it can provide for me as I live the adventure I want to live.”

[25:45] On productivity and working less: “to have time off like that you need to be using the time on really strategically, so putting in place productivity skills and tools so you can maximise your efforts when you are working.”

[34:41] Molly answers this question: What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you started out in business? “Take fierce action to follow your nose and trust that it will take you where you’re supposed to go.”

[37:00] On letting go of self-judgement:


“Do what’s needed for you and don’t make yourself wrong for it.”

[37:00] On the secret sauce on blasting through limiting beliefs and going to the next level. 

[37:00] “It’s really important to find your mentor…find someone who is talking about things that light you up and absorb that…your input really impacts your output.”


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  • Molly has a podcast called “Tactical Magic” which you can find here.
  • To find out more about Katherine Johnson and her work click here.
  • To find out more about Tad Hargrave‘s Niching Spiral click here.
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