“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What is it that I really need my business to do in 2021?

To put in place the systems, services and products to scale the success I’ve achieved in 2020 to double my annual income without working any more hours.

My Overall Plan for 2021

Strategic Priority 1 — Systems + Processes

Goal 1: To streamline tech systems/software to reduce expenses and minimise overlap.

Goal 2: Write out all the SOPs for my business. (if you don’t know what an SOP is, this definition from Tara Mcmullin is helpful: “A Standard Operating Procedure is the process you use to complete a given task in the same way, every time. Every business has unique processes that are core to its administration, marketing, value delivery, team management, etc.”

Goal 3: Create email templates for all of my most commonly used emails:

Goal 1: Create and deliver a schedule of low-cost workshops over the course of the year.

Goal 2: Create and execute a launch/marketing plan for the workshops.

Goal 3: Launch one new 5 week group program


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